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Garments factory compliance

We consult compliance for any type of Garments factory regarding evaluation of SEDEX, WRAP, BSCI and ISO certificate. And we can guarantee that with our consultancy a garments factory can pass their audits smoothly and confidently. So, our client will be able to get orders from Europe and U.S.A.


In an ever-increasing complicated regulatory environment, compliance risk management has become essential either due to statutory requirements or as a requirement of global best practice and corporate governance.








Our services include:

 Compliance risk management/advisory services:

 The implementation of a compliance function

 Regulatory requirements applicable to your (new) products and services

 Impact of new legislation on your business e.g. the FAIS and FIC Acts

 Compliance planning

 Compliance policies and procedures

 Monitoring and review requirements

 Reporting and follow-up procedures

 Training of employees and management i.r.o. compliance requirements

 Training of Compliance Officers

 Liaison and interaction with regulators

 Applications to regulators

 Regulatory investigations

 Statutory reporting etc.


Compliance documentation:

 Compliance manuals

 Compliance plans

 Compliance policies and procedures

 Monitoring and review templates

 Compliance checklists

 Desk procedure manuals

 Training courses

 Compliance charts

 Report templates etc.

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